Painter in Sacramento

If you are looking for a great painter in Sacramento there is no need to look any further. DK Painting Company has been in the house painting business for many years and knows how to bring the best into every job. We use premium paint on every structure that we touch in order to not only deliver a high-quality painting job but also to make sure that the job lasts for many years to come.


DK Painting Company in Sacramento not only caters to homeowners and residential customers, but we also provide high-tier business and commercial painting services as well. Many of our customers are so pleased with us that they recommend us to their friends and families time and time again.


What makes us stand out as a painting establishment is that we have been around and in the business for quite some time. Although our business started in 2002, Dan Kelfer was a professional painter for many years before this. We bring quality, experience, and integrity into every job that we take on.


As a professional painting company, we make sure to be the best that we can be with each and every customer that we deal with. We offer free estimates and never push for the sale. We understand that there is a lot of competition for painting services in Sacramento, but we are not the type to push customers into our services. We will go out to your business, or home and give you a thorough rundown on what we can do for you, how much it will cost, and how long it will take to get it done.


All of our equipment is in good shape and ready to provide high-quality long-lasting painting services and goods to all of our customers. Our paint is prime paint, our tools are the best, and our workers are professionals. Contact us and get your free quote today.

House Painter Sacramento